Your Gulf Coast Boudoir Experience

with the Only In-Studio Rain Room

do something your future

self will thank you for

do something your future

self will thank you for

it's not about seducing a man, it's about embracing womanhood.

-Dita Von Teese

It's not just intimate pictures in pretty lacy things.

It’s about challenging you to not constantly compare yourself to others,

to learn and accept everything that makes you so uniquely you.

It’s about owning your perfect imperfections--

about being unapologetically you.

To see the you that I see....

Boudoir is for every woman. All sizes. All Shapes. All colors. All ANYTHINGs. You are no less or no more a woman than the next, but with that being said, we are all our own unique selves. We get in these ruts and make bad habits of seeing the worst in ourselves and focusing on what we deem as bad about ourselves. Ever found yourself talking negatively to yourself? Comparing yourself to the next woman on your Facebook timeline? Stop it. God made you--the beautiful you that you are--and it's time to start seeing that you. Discover the beautiful woman that you are from the outside. Embrace you as you are. Empower yourself. Be encouraged and gain the confidence that you should always have by letting me show you the you that I see.

It could be you next...

Miss S

"I booked an appointment with Randi after joining her group & seeing some of her work. After my separation & divorce I was at an all time low. I worked hard on myself inside & out. I’ve always said when I was happy with myself I would do a boudoir session, for me! So I could look back when I’m not feeling my best & remember I am beautiful. Boy, did Randi deliver! From the time I booked the appointment & still to this day, she is so welcoming. You can tell it’s not just a job to her but her passion. When I arrived for my appointment she had everything available for me. She had a full closet of outfits of all different sorts. From classy to sexy, sizes big & small. It was nice to have options. She’s professional while also being fun. I told her from the start I’m awkward. You’re going to have to tell me what to do & I’ll do it. She would give me a pose to do & I would mimic. If a strap was twisted or something out of place she would just fix it. I felt like I was being photographed by my best friend. She was such a hype girl. “Yass queen. Owww I liked that, go back. Girl you are HOT.” I felt really comfortable & relaxed which I think helped me not be as awkward. She took her time. Not once did I fell rushed. The end results were more than I could have imagined them to be. I had a really hard time choosing the final images. I ended up going back & purchasing more! I highly recommend Randi & have all intentions of continuing to use her for all my future photography needs. 10/10 by far!"

Miss C

"All I can say is wow! A photoshoot with Randi is probably one of the most fun things you can do to pamper yourself. Once you see yourself through her lens you'll be amazed at how confident you feel. If you're on the fence about doing a shoot, just do it! You'll have images to treasure forever."

Miss M

"So boudoir is a sexy and an intimate photography session! It’s beautiful and natural, but it’s also typically scary and intimidating. I mean you have to step out of your comfort zone to do one, because if you’re not nude, you’re pretty close. And that awkwardness of not knowing how to pose is frightening all in itself. But the truth is, Randi makes it easy! I know it sounds crazy and unbelievable, but she makes you feel sexy from the moment you step into the room (or the beach in my case). She does not judge; she does not stare. She is a true professional. She helps you fix your lingerie if a strap has fallen down. She molds your hair into the best angle to frame your face. Randi poses you to reveal your best asserts! (I mean she will physically get onto the ground and show you how to pose.) And then she takes her camera and begins clicking! That’s where the magic happens! She takes about 50 shots on each pose to make sure she has captured the best view! And that she does!! That’s a talent that not all are born with! She is a goddess behind that camera. Randi is behind that lens to make you see yourself the way the world sees you…. beautifully! All my pictures were just exceptional! She edits them beautifully, but not too much where you’re unrecognizable. She has that talent too. I cannot say enough about the day I received my pictures - I mean WOW! Is that me? Am I that sexy?! The answer is yes, and Randi made me see and feel that! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥"

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