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Hey lovElies! I am so glad you're here because it means you are seriously contemplating doing a session with me. and let me just be the first to tell you, i hate being on the 'other' side of the camera, but i'm sure by the photos above you can't even tell. having the right photographer is crucial, especially if you're like me and nervous to do them or fear looking like a-deer-in-headlights, because that's me. i feel you all day long with any of those emotions you have that are anything less than super stoked and confident to do a session.

nervous? totally and completely normal. know that you are not alone. most all of my clients are nervous before we start, heck even me--a boudoir photographer--was scared half to death to get half-naked (well enDed up totally nude though, ask me about it at your shoot and i'll give all the details) in front of a stranger. first, know that it subsides so quickly with me as your photographer. i am so down-to-earth and super talkative. you'd be surprised at how much we laugh and carry-on the entire day. second, the best compliment i get is when a nervous woman walks into the studio and leaves asking 'when can i do that again' and the kudos i get for making them comfortable in their own skin the entire day--not to mention the second you sit in the chair for hair and makeup, our wonderful hmuas will have you feeling relaxed, excited and confident.

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Randi P boudoir runs because of the fabulously, talented and dedicated, Sabrina. I have no idea what we would do without her. She is our social media guru, she keeps our facebook group alive. click below if you aren't part of our fabulous women only group. Every soul in there is amazing. Now a note from her wonderfulness herself....

Randi P Photography/Randi P Boudoir

Hey ladies! I'm excited to see your interested in a session with Randi. I had my first ever session with Randi and let me tell you, It was so much fun. I'm a very fun and upbeat person but I’m easily intimidated when it comes to photos of myself. After my first session with her, I had confidence through the roof! Having someone to make you comfortable while taking intimate pictures of you is so important. In this studio it’s a breeze--There is no judgment just love. I hope to see you in the studio. 


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