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Randi P shoots take place mainly at our studio in Grand Bay, Alabama, but we travel to various other locations such AirBnBs and Hilton or Marriott hotels. You will receive an email before your session with specific location-related instructions, including directions and parking information. When you arrive, we will get you settled in. If you need to change into loose-fitting clothes, you will do that shortly after you arrive (you can come already in your loose-fitting clothes, it's totally up to you). Then onto the fun part, time to go through the lingerie closet and choose anything that catches your eye; you will then go try them on and be certain that you like them. Sometimes, you may not like everything you tried on and you can go through the closet until you find exactly what you want. There are no limits to how many outfits you can wear during your session. We will shoot for 1. hour, so there is plenty of time for plenty of outfits.

glam time

Next, time to start your hair and makeup. This is also about the time you will hear my life story--I told you I can talk--and I can learn more about your. I mean, we probably won't stop talking from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. I have been told by many, that all our talking will help with your nerves.

We will get your hair and make-up exactly like you want it before we move to the session.

See more of Holly's before and after here.

Shoot me

Once you have been all glammed up, we will start with your first outfit. I always suggest starting with the most covering outfit, the outfit you are most comfortable in. We will work our way down to the less covered ones (even nude if you choose) as your nerves subside and you realize 'this session is nothing like I thought it would be.' We will take photos for 1 hour. I will reference your inspo board during the session to be sure we get what you're wanting. I may show you some of the photos during the session as we go to get your feedback, but I do try and save most all of them for a wow-factor.

let me see

After we finish up your session, you will get dressed and then I will need about 20-30 mins to get your photo reveal ready. You can run and grab lunch or hang out and chill. You will be able to get hands on with all the products and ask any questions you may have about them. Once I have culled through your photos, it will be time for your reveal. We will go through your photos one by one until we narrow it down to the ones you love the most. These images will be unedited, but the final images you choose will be the ones I edit.

Take home

Once you have chose the images you want to purchase, I will draw up your purchase contract. You can review and sign the contract and pay the deposit for your images. After you leave, I will begin editing your images. Once I have all of your images edited, I will send you a link to view the edited images for viewing--these images will be watermarked because we are still in the selection process. This will be the time where you choose between a color and black and white option for each photo and also a time for you to ask for any additional edits. I will then finalize your edits and get your products ordered.

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