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Get to Know Your Photographer

As I am approaching my 36th birthday, I decided to start doing a yearly birthday Bucket List...and then I wished I had started last year at 35, so this is my solution:


The next blog post will explain more why I started a yearly birthday bucket list, but this post is about my backwards birthday list...basically just reflecting on my 35th year.

Here is where I came up with 100 NEWish things I did and accomplished my 35th year.


1 Professional Headshots

I finally was in a place with my business where I was 'ready' to get professional headshots and I cannot thank Kayla Rachelle Photography enough for how amazing they turned out. The conclusion is still, I do not like being on that side of the camera. I am the epitome of awkward, but Kayla captured some good ones.

2 Livermush

No it was not on my list, but when you date someone from a different state, you get to try new things. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. I would be ok if I never had it again. When in the Carolinas, give it a try. Lol!

3 Meteor Shower

Orionid Meteor Shower in late October, which is debris that trails from Halley's Comet.

4 Piercing

Got a little wild and got a couple piercings that I never would have imaged I would have. Haha! #sorrynopics

5 Baby Geuiness Shot

The lovely, Jenni, made some fine shots and I loved it.

6 Red Bowl Bistro

I love food in general, but I am always up for a new restaurant. If ever in Rock Hill, South Carolina, give Red Bowl Bistro a try--ask for Jenni and tell her Randi sent you. ;)

7 Spray Foam

I had a goal of getting spray foam sprayed in the studio and got to check it off my list. I love the open ceilings and the vibe of it.

8 Installed Chandelier on my own

I installed this in the studio ALL BY MYSELF...well kind of, I was on FaceTime with a friend and he walked me through it, but these 2 hands did it. I felt so handy.

9 A 'sit-down' Chik-Fil-A

If ever in Newnan, Georgia, check out this Truett's Chik-FIl-A. The little red door is a must and check out all those sides they have. A MUST.

10 Boba Tea

It wasn't bad...it was a lot, next time I will get a smaller one because it was so rich. I got a Taro Root Smoothie with the classic boba. All in all it was good. Kung Fu Tea is in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

11 Buy a H20 Capsule

Get you on here. I have been so much better with my water intake since getting one (well two now, because they are so darn cute). The straps make it easy to always carry with you NO EXCUSE.

12 Personalized Puravida Bracelets

I love custom gifts and these bracelets were the cutest. As you can see I got two different looks with something that was special to us engraved on them. But they have so many different kind on their site.

13 Scooters in Downtown Charlotte

Always fun to scoot in a new place that I have never scooted before. LOL!

14 Bankhead Tshirt

If you are from South Alabama then you know. Lol.

Edit: link coming soon.

15 Played Hearing Things

16 Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Walmart find.

17 Toccoa Falls

Missed this one when I went to Tallulah Falls a couples years ago. It's on a small college campus--easy access and just a short walk to the falls.

18 Bizarre Chocolates

Chicken & Waffles was a NO THANKS, but the Pig N Taters were ok. We picked them up at a random antiques store that I do not recall the name of.

19 Watch Stranger Things

I wasn't going to, then I jumped on the bandwagon and cannot wait until the next season comes out. Come on 2025!!!!

20 Purchase a Honey Birdette Swing for the Studio

A dream purchase for my boudoir studio. DONE!

21 Glencairn Garden

In York County, South Carolina. So pretty, I didn't post nearly enough flower pics!

22 Learned to install wood floors

23 Put together my desk at the studio

24 Installed a mantle in the studio

25 Art Gallery Wall in studio

26 Transform Credenza

27 Create & Installed a Makeup Area for Studio

28 Begin a Shoe Closet for Clients (we now have over 150 pairs)

29 My First Day of Work at the Studio

30 Own a Director's Chair

31 Organize Client Closet by Size

32 Halloween Makeup

33 Halloween Makeup Shoot

34 Pink Couch

35 Society69 Tapestry

36 Install Honey Birdette Swing

37 TV for Image Reveal Area at Studio

38 Snack Area at Studio

39 Painting for Studio

40 Hurricane Ian Work in FL

41 Sticky Pig

Yummies Donuts & BBQ has a pulled pork cinnamon roll and I am all for 'strange' foods ONCE. Lol.

42 Star Wars Rise of Resistance

We got a FREE(ish) day off from Hurricane work and found ourselves at Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom for the day.

43 Shark Tooth Beach

44 Sarasota, Florida

45 Navy Khaki Ball (Newport News, Virginia)

46 Bruschetta & 47 Key Lime Pie at Cooper's Hawk

48 White Kinder Bueno

49 Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens (VA)

Yes, there are 50 more things to complete my list of 100 NEW things I did in my 35th year.

Link to Part 2 coming soon!