Angles, Lighting, & Poses




This one is on ME as your photographer. Do you know how much we can hide or conceal with the right angles, lighting and posing? A LOT. I will ask you before your session, what ASSets you want to showcase and which ones aren't your favorite. Let's highlight what you love and conceal what you don't because let's face it, we all have things we do not like about ourselves and that's ok. How many selfies do you take before you get to the best one? We all take lots and in that process we have learned the best angles, the best lighting and the best poses, AKA the dos and don'ts; and I have done over 100 boudoir sessions with all body types and in the process learned the best of all of these and I will not let you down. (Oh and let's don't forget post-session editing..all those pics you see online ARE EDITED and yours will be, too (and you choose how much). Seriously, come as you are.



You know experts say that people who write down New Years' Resolutions are more than 50% more likely to accomplish those goals than people who do not write them down. Same concept here, YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING TO WORK TOWARDS. Just like with having a kid and so many other things in life, you will never be 100% ready to do a boudoir session, but if we choose a date 3-9 months away and you have a date to work towards--it's not some unknown timeline. A date means you can plan and work towards your goal, and that may mean shedding some pounds if you so desire, but you don't have to do that BEFORE you book a date. Weight loss is the #1 hesitation with booking a session. Whatever your reservation is, it helps by giving you a set amount of time to work towards it before the date you choose. Give yourself time with a commitment (of a date set in stone). You don't have to lose weight before you book. Book now then plan and work towards your goals for that date.


I. The right lingerie

What you have doesn't fit? Or you don't have what you think you need for a session? The right lingerie is so important and WE HAVE IT. We have over 400 pieces of lingerie in our Client Closet, sizes Small to 4X. It's FREE to you to try on as many as you want/need for your session. We will find the perfect pieces for you and this can mean using the outfit to hide the parts of you that you aren't crazy about--and there's not a thing wrong with using the lingerie to our advantage. With so many pieces, there's no way you can't find the best ones for you for your session.


Your heels don't fit and you don't want to have to buy new ones for your shoot. The right shoes add the perfect detail to your session and it's ok if you only have tennis shoes and flip flops because we have over 150 pairs of heels, sizes 5.5 - 12 in our Client Closet for you to use during your session. Come as you are!

III. The right hair & Makeup

Makeup can be used to hide some of our imperfections, whether it be bumps, bruises, blemishes, scars, etc. Hair and makeup (and lashes) are included in your session, so all you have to do is COME AS YOU ARE, we have everything you need.

We have a session guide that dives into more detail about a session with Randi P Boudoir Studio and we can't wait to share that with you.

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