They are important to keep you going....

Life is full of up and downs and while--at times--it's easy to get hung up on 'why me' or 'why this' or 'why now', we must always remember that there's a reason for it all. If life was all 'ups' they wouldn't feel so up; so we need the downs for perspective, at minimum. I believe they are there to teach up something...with me it's usually patience. Lol! But between getting laid off from my full time Speech Therapy job--don't remind me I have a masters degree and student loan debt up to my nose--and then taking on renovating this studio...let's just say it's been challenge after challenge after challenge (we will save those horror stories for another day).

I have had days where I cry for far too long, worried about (many) things I cannot control, but I remind myself 'you've made it this far, DO NOT give up now.' Sometimes it seems like it may be easier to give up on this dream of being a full-time photographer with a studio, but I have come too damn far to listen to those thoughts. So I push through. I keep going. I try to see the good and remind myself of just how far I've come. I may not be where I want to be, but during the downs, I remember the ups I've had thus far. I don't let it get me too far down. I pull myself back up and keep fighting...keep going...keep pushing, because I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to; it may not always be easy--well let's face it (pun intended) it's almost always never easy, but it's WORTH IT. Every tear, injury, scar, drop of sweat, dollar spent and sleep lost will all be worth it one sweet day. The key is just not giving up when you're in that 'down' moment.

There always be ups and down, smiles and frowns.
-Snoop Dogg

So don't stop. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't, well at least not without you (eventually) proving them wrong, because all great things take. But don't wait. Do it now. Whatever it is. Know you CAN do it. Make yourself proud. Battle through downs. The ups are more than worth it.

This was my second shoot in the new studio and I squealed like a small child, grinning ear-to-ear when I began to edit them. THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHY. It's why I've kept on and powered through. My dream is slowly, but surely becoming a reality. And let's face it, she's STUNNING!! I think I want be a clown for Halloween now. OH and yes, I did her makeup, too. I am more than proud of myself in this up moment I am having today. I hope it inspires you....